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31 Days of Creative Practice

Happy belated New Year everyone.

To get the New Year off to a cracking good pace I decided to do #31daysofcreativepractice which is running on Instagram. Insta or I.G as its often called is my favourite platform as it's so visual, generous and a really inspiring friendly community. I thought I would keep things simple as I’m doing this challenge alongside bigger paintings and treating it as almost a warm-up exercise. Its also on paper so doesn't feel so precious and I’m trying to not spend more than 10 mins on each piece. I have been doing it for over a week now and posting on Instagram in little batches. I have got it down to about 15 mins. on each one so an improvement! No time for overthinking or editing.

These photos are from days 5,6,7 and 8. My self imposed rules are keeping the collage to packaging, used envelopes and anything that would have been recycled. It’s a good job it was market day today as I was running a bit low on paper bags to collage with!

They are getting quicker to do and I’ve realised cutting, snipping tearing and sticking while listening to podcasts like the Alice Sheridan podcast is a very mindful happy thing to do in such uncertain times. And losing myself in a mound of papers on a messy desk feels just right.

‘Here and Now’ is such a useful and applicable mantra for these lockdown days.


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