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The once a year King of All Workshops ( in my opinion!) is nearly here.

It is an entire week of FREE teaching from Nicholas Wilton a top American artist designed to help you make art that is stronger and more like you.

Because it is held online, you can participate from home -no matter where you are in the world.

And... it is completely free. Yes really!

Click below to save your seat in the free Art2Life Workshop!

I am doing the course yet again this year as it's changed the way I work and think about my Art so dramatically and I think I've still got loads more to learn.

  • Specifically, the free online workshop will explore exciting ideas like:

  • How to use a ground-breaking concept called Differences to quickly make your art more arresting and impactful  

  • How to use the principle of Value to create art that is instantly more balanced, refined, and striking  

  • A simple but surprising approach to creating amazing Color and a sophisticated sense of harmony throughout your work  

  • Exactly what to do when your art feels stuck or incomplete (this will revolutionize the way you think of mistakes forever)  

  • Ways to make your creative life feel more spacious, joyful and personal to you… even if you’re in a creative funk or short on time

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A2L-FreeWorkshop TAF 8.jpg

 Give yourself the best Valentine present yet and sign for the Free Workshop!

You won't regret it and will gain so much. Even if you don't go on to do the full course this should be groundbreaking and help make your Art mean more and get better. Admittedly I did go to Art School to study Printed Textiles (a very long time ago) and had a successful career as a freelance designer however I've learnt so much from this course that they never taught us at Art School.

If you want to chat to me about anything at all, please email or send a private message through Instagram. I don't want you to miss out!

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