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I have a love of pattern, experimental mark making, repetition and colour. My working process is quite eclectic but often begins with a colour palette and experimental mark making and various printing and painting techniques. I often work on found surfaces and ephemera such as used envelopes and pages from discarded books destined to be shredded. These provide unique surfaces to paint and print on and the use of collage yields unexpected results.


My paintings often have many layers of paint and collage paper to give a sense of history and which evokes a bygone age and a discovery of something which lies beneath.I love media exploration and then like to push a newly discovered technique until it is fully exploited and utilised.

 I often work on multiple pieces at a time to keep the work fresh and lively. I get excited about mark making and how the edge, size of a tool, brush, stick or pen can quickly dictate a feeling or mood. I let the work evolve in an intuitive way employing a call and response process reacting to marks or brushstrokes on the board or paper. Later on I start to analyse and organise and be more purposeful about the direction of a painting and eventually its conclusion and finish.  Collage frequently plays a big part in my process using painted and mono printed paper ephemera.

My previous printed textile design practice taught me to be very creative, versatile and adapt to seasons, fashion and genre. I produced hand drawn print collections for fashion and interior, wrap and cards and wallpapers. I now enjoy a greater sense of freedom and experimentation but its has nudged me to delve more deeply in to what I really want to investigate in my art practice.

My work has a contemporary look about it but fits well in both a modern home or more period and traditional interior.


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Sue Johnson


Uppingham, Rutland,


07525 142334

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